Fall 2023

EE590I: Biomedical Optical Imaging & Spectroscopy (Description)

Spring 2023

EE/CprE/SE 492: Senior Design Project II (https://seniord.ece.iastate.edu/)

In the past I have taught the following courses

1. BG3104: Biomedical Imaging [At NTU]

2. BG3105: Biomedical Instrumentation [At NTU]

3. BG4102: Medical Device Design [At NTU]

4. BG1101: Introduction to Biomedical Engineering  [At NTU]

5. BG4801: Final Year Project (coordinator) [At NTU]

6. E9 201 (3:0): Digital Signal Processing [At IISc]

7. E9 284 (3:0): Biomedical Optical Imaging and Spectroscopy [At IISc]