1. BG3104: Biomedical Imaging (co-teach with Dr Pui Tze Sian)

Topics: Medical image processing techniques. X-ray imaging, Magnetic resonance imaging. Ultrasounds and ultrasonic imaging, Nuclear Imaging, Optical Imaging.

Reference Text Books:

1. Jerry L. Prince, Jonathan Links, Medical Imaging Signals and Systems, Pearson Prentice Hall.

2. L. V. Wang and H.i Wu, Biomedical Optics: Principles and Imaging (Wiley, 2007).

3. A. C. Kak and M. Slaney, Principles of Computerised Tomography Imaging, IEEE press.

2. BG3105: Biomedical Instrumentation (co-teach with Dr Pui Tze Sian)

Topics: Biomedical instruments and their working principles. basic concepts of medical instrumentation. Basic sensor and transducers, amplifiers and signal processing. Basic physiology related to each measurement.

Reference Text Books:

1. John G. Webster, Medical Instrumentation: Application and Design, Wiley.

2. Carr, Joseph and Brown John M, Introduction to Biomedical Equipment Technology, Prentice Hall.

3. BG4102: Medical Device Design

Topics: This is a project based module. Students will work in a team of 8-10 students to design some medical devices and implement them.

In the past I have taught the following courses

1. BG3104: Biomedical Imaging

2. BG3105: Biomedical Instrumentation

3. BG4102: Medical Device Design

4. BG1101: Introduction to Biomedical Engineering

5. BG4801: Final Year Project (coordinator).

6. E9 201 (3:0): Digital Signal Processing [At IISc]

7. E9 284 (3:0): Biomedical Optical Imaging and Spectroscopy [At IISc]